Blog opening!

Hi! This is Miharin, the owner of mihaland. Welcome to my blog! 

It's been a while since my last shop update and honesty I miss you all and my shop so much! I can't reopen my shop yet but I still want to share with you a bit more on my craft journey and some updates about my personal life. This is why I'm starting my blog here :D

Although it might not be something fancy, please come visit if you are interested! I'll talk a little more about mihaland on another blog post, in case you're wondering why it went on temporary closure.

I'm still exploring this blog feature but I'm really excited on this whole new blogging journey!


Christmas Day has passed already but here is the packaging label we used to have on all packages during Christmas in 2020. How come it's been 2 years already?!

Comment down below if you remember receiving this label along with your goodies!

Anyway! Enjoy the rest of the holiday and stay safe everyone :)


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